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Our web design creates one of a kind web sites. These custom websites are designed and coded with search engine placement in mind. A well designed and properly coded web site is what is needed to begin the climb of the Search Engine Ratings (SER)

All of our web designs are original and uniquely customized for the individual client and their needs. When choosing to have a custom designed website, you distinguish yourself from your competition. The custom web sites we build are designed with your prospective customer, and SEO or search engine optimization in mind. begin to compete for ratings with the Search Engines, one must have a website that is well structured logical lay out, informative, documented, notated, grammatically correct and written in search engine friendly, clean code.

When choosing a web designer ask your self, “Can the designer capture and properly portray the image, feel and spirit of my company?” There are many designers and design houses out there that do work at all different levels. Most are quite inaccessible and many times are difficult to understand. We are a Texas based company. By getting a few questions answered you will be able to better decide who the right designer for you.

Texas Web Design & SEO is a native Texas group of designers, programmers and marketers in Central and West Texas. We are very selective in our clientele and the projects that we take on are domestic Texas businesses. So when you engage us to work, you are assured that your money is working in Texas and not outsourced to some other place on the planet.

Here at Texas Web Design & SEO we can handle all of your website needs from domain name acquisition, design development, code writing, hosting and maintenance. For many here in Texas it is comfort to know at any time they can make arrangements for a face to face meeting with one us to help you with any problem you may be having. We look forward to serving you with your cyber world needs. Se Habla Español.

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