C   ustom Data Base Design

Our user interface designs are customer driven and customer concentric. We work closely with each client to ensure that their data entry forms and applications are delivered in a simple intuitive nature. Data entry validations occur on the page level to ensure valid data entry every time. Easy to understand messaging is incorporated into every design. We provide the customer with a scalable user interface design that will grow with their business. Administrative tools are also provided to the end user to enable the addition, editing and deletion of data and users. Each data form is tested toughly to ensure safe and accurate data processing. The latest encryption methodologies are available for sensitive data transactions.

Relational Database Design

Relational Database Design is perhaps the most important aspect of any design. The core of a good relational model is a process called normalization. Normalization ensures optimal performance with minimal resources, ensures data is easily accessible for reporting, and removes duplication which can lead to conflicting data. Normalization may be said to be the core of good database architecture. Because of the academic nature of normalization, many businesses do not bother with it, and so suffer from poor database programming.


Documentation is the difference between a solution that works and a solution which will continue working for the life of your business. We provide detailed, yet organized and easy to understand documents outlining your database design. These documents help your people to understand where the data they want is, which improves their performance and helps avoid them recreating what is already there. It shows your people what your data means, which helps them to properly use and maintain it and can prevent the removal of important pieces. Finally, documentation provides confidence for your partners and customers doing due diligence. It shows them the superior design of your systems and that you have well thought out, professional systems on which they may rely.

Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have. If you would like to speak with our resident database programmer then please give us what pertinent contact information you want us to use, and what times are convenient for you to be contacted.