C    ustom Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an all important part of today's website. One can have the coolest site and informative website on the web; However, if your site is not showing up when people search for businesses such as yours, then your site is not being viewed by qualified prospective clients. As everyone in sales knows, sales come from qualified prospective contacts. The goal is to be found on the web by those who are looking for what you have to offer. Targeted marketing. The world of the Search Engine, (SE) is ever-changing. To get a good rating and keep it takes time, with good on-site design work, clean code, good relevant content, proper linkage and tags, regular attention. For most of a decade, we have been designing and web-mastering custom web sites. Most sites we've worked on have Page 1 ratings, (these covering a wide variety of search phrases) in the major search engines For the benefit of our clients, we continue stay abreast of the ever-changing manner in which SEs determine ranking.

Good SE placement is never automatic or guaranteed. It starts with the base code, and is supported throughout the design and coding process of the site. Without that base foundation, ratings in competitive areas will never be successful. Our work gives the client a solid foundation to establish or improve their web presence. There are two ways to get on the first page of the SEs. One is "Payola," so to speak; including "Sponsored Links", Pay Per Click "PPC," "Adwords" etc. The other is through the "organic" search results. The organic search results is the natural selection process that the SEs use according to the algorithms they create to determine relevance. Every one knows where the "Payola"listings are, and they know where the "organic" listings are. The organic listings are the ten listings that make up the body of the page. We know anything in the header or in side bars are the "Payola" Advertisements.

One will find many people promise many things the web. For instance, "for only $39.95 we'll will get your website on page 1 of Goggle and others..." Sounds a bit like "snake oil" to me! I can't match that, nor I suspect can they. What I will commit to you is to use everything I have learned over the last decade, to help you develop a grand website that truly represents you and your product, get your website up on the web and climbing in the SE rankings. Upon completion I will hand the website over to your webmaster with a full understanding of the strategy used in the site design. Or at your pleasure, will continue on as your webmaster when the website is finished. A site can be designed from the ground up, or work done with your existing site to remodel the architecture to be more SE friendly.

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