C   ustom Web Design

When thinking of having Custom Web Site one must ask several questions. First decide what the purpose of the site is. Will the site only be web based information, or an online store with shopping carts, where financial transactions take place; in custom web design? Secondly one must justify the resources needed to design, build and maintain a Custom Web Site. The web site is the pivotal point of any web marketing enterprise.

Every web site should be a lead generator - it will become your most effective salesperson. It will satisfy the sense of professionalism that every business owner wants to portray in their website. But, its function is always, to draw more sales. This marketing tool tool will open up markets that otherwise will never be tapped.

When creating a Custom Web Site we strive to capture not only the personality an feel of the business but, the style and spirit of the propriety as well. There are always many businesses of the same ilk; However, a successful business reflects the spirit and style of it's owner. We look to create a website that will truly reflect the feel style and voice of those to whom the business belongs.

The style and feel of a business is reflected in the colors, textures and artwork encountered when a costumer comes through your door. The same is true with a web site. Your web site is your virtual place of business. It is where your prospective clients come to encounter what you have to offer. That is why we like to have as many pictures of your establishment as possible. And when possible to come to your place of business and take pictures our self. In that way we have an encounter with in your storefront. From all that we draw the colors, contrasts and textures that bring your website to life and cause it to uniquely yours.

The "voice" of a business is heard in the visual and verbal presentation of it's owner. We find your voice by speaking directly with you and the materials you provide us; with which we compile the text that tells your story. We understand not everyone knows how to write copy for the web; so we take what you provide and and rewrite it infusing it with the keywords and phrases needed for good web design and clean code with Optimal Search Engine Relevancy.

A custom web site is an outstanding way to personalize your product or service. As well, represent it with a professional, informative and artistic presentation. As every store front business has an ambiance derived from the personality and tastes of their owners; So too a custom web site is the expression of that same personal style. The design is an artistic conception of the business, it's purpose, and the owners style. To us, that makes creating a compelling web design project, very personal.

We have built web sites for a wide range of clients ranging from real estate companies, hunting ranches, outfitters & to drilling companies & athletes even for a nursing home. We only work with a select few clients.. To see how we can serve you with your project Contact Us Today. ~ We will work with you, develop a graphic design for a website and explore with you the web marketing possibilities available. We are committed to excellence and ethics in the web. We can handle all types of data base and shopping carts of various graphic design, to enhance the productivity of your web presence. Contact us today so we may discuss with you your new website. For those who are not ready for a Custom Web Site we also offer a "Do It Yourself" alternative. To see those plans we offer click on the following link. WebSite Tonight Simi-Custom Web Sites.